:: Every Image has A STORY TO TELL ::

Marcos Minuchin carefully composed tableaux are staged in these incredibly detailed and specially build (by him) sets; or set scenes in beautiful locations using figurines— action figures, dolls, toys—in the company of meticulously detailed accessories and plastic props.

:: NO Photoshop :: Our photographs are real :: real toys :: real places ::

There's more to this story than what you see in this shot - "Hong Kong"- it required an 18 hours flight (one of the longest air routes in the world), 5 am wake-up-call early, avoiding the flow of morning joggers and 48 hours locked down in the hotel because of Typhoon Vicente.

:: NO Photoshop :: HONG KONG :: real toys ::
:: NO Photoshop :: HAWAII :: real toys ::
:: Our photographs are real :: THANK YOU :: real places ::
:: Our photographs are real :: A NEW BOX RISES :: real places ::