MORE THAN AWESOME ARTWORK - A closer look at metal artwork - UNDER 40" LONG - shipping/packaging

When you order one of our metal pieces (single aluminum plate, 40" or smaller) you get more than our artwork; you also get cardboard.


As told before in my past life I was a creative in the advertising world, so I'm here to tell you that we sell more than an experience, more than eye catching images, more than awesome artwork, we also sell cardboards. So here, let me show you. Every customer receives in mail a box that will look very similar to the one shown in the photo. Inside they'll get a transparent heavy duty bag attached to... yes, a cardboard! And almost certain (fingers crossed) inside the bag will be the artwork ordered.


All prints are ready to hang with a "floating" block mounted attached to the back of the print. This has 3 holes and 4 small black soft cushions to protect the wall from scratches. Prints are made on 1mm (1/25") aluminum sheet with straight corners. All prints have a protective coating making them moisture, scratch and finger prints resistance.


Now, put a hook or nails in the wall // Unbox/unbag the the artwork // Hang the artwork // Admire it for a few minutes // Enjoy your cardboard // take a few pictures to share with friends and us via facebook // Admire it some more // play more with the cardboard//.



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